Eat bowls.

Backyard Bowls is a revolutionary eatery specializing in acai bowls, hot porridges, smoothies, and much more. We provide a healthy, delicious, and fast meal option for the people of our community while striving to minimize our earthly impact and promoting a more conscientious form of business in general. 

When you choose to dine at BYB you will leave feeling ready to go outside and play, as opposed to the all too familiar feeling of being ready to go home and take a nap.  And you will be at ease, knowing that your decision not only was a personally healthful one, but one that cast a vote for a better world at large.  And as a bonus, it will have been a whole heap of fun to eat.


Our food is mostly organic.  What’s not is at least thoughtfully sourced, often from a small farm or producer that is simply not certified.  


Everything we serve we believe to be good for you.  It’s all about eating real food.  We boast zero unpronounceable ingredients (as soon as you learn to say “Acai” that is), and dish out truckloads of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, n’ grains.

tread Lightly

In everything we do, we aim to minimize our earthly impact.  The integrity of our plant-based menu has a particularly small footprint, and we strive to minimize our operation’s impact in myriad other ways as well.