Ancient Grains

We serve 2 hot porridges at BYB- one is always Oatmeal (which will surely blow your conceptions of oatmeal out of the water), and the other is a gluten-free Ancient Grain Porridge.  The Ancient Grain Porridge (depending on which BYB location you're at!) is either quinoa on its own, or a mixture of quinoa with amaranth and teff.  The three grains (which are technically seeds, but we won't worry about that) are remarkably similar in their nutritional properties, and complementary in their tastes and textures, seeming to defy the fact that each comes from entirely different regions of our planet.    All three are gluten-free, and the resultant porridge is a true powerhouse of a breakfast!  


Quinoa:  Quinoa hails from South America and has become ubiquitous in the health food scene due to its being a complete source of protein, and as a gluten-free alternative to grains in most any recipe. 


Amaranth:  Incredibly similar in nutrition to quinoa, also boasting a complete protein.  Amaranth was a staple of the Aztec diet in Mesoamerica, and the plant flourishes in otherwise difficult growing conditions.  With an earthy, nutty flavor, Amaranth is an excellent taste and textural complement to Quinoa and Teff.  


Teff:  A traditional Ethiopian grain, teff is the smallest grain in the world.  It also has a higher ratio of germ and bran (where most nutrients are stored in grains) than any other grain, making it a dense source of nutrition.