better life through better food

When Backyard Bowls opened their doors in downtown Santa Barbara in 2008, they were quite literally the first of their kind.  Having developed a love for the Acai Bowl during a stint living in Hawaii, founders Pete and Dan combined that passion with their appreciation for quality food in general, their affinity for living an active healthy lifestyle, and their understanding of the environmental impacts of our food choices.  What resulted was an entrepreneurial seizure that birthed an entirely new genre of restaurant, and ultimately a delightful alternative for breakfast or lunch.   

At BYB we work to maintain a company culture that is an authentic representation of our values and our vision for the world in which we want to live.  It’s really a matter of caring.  We truly care about the integrity of the foods we serve.  We care about the merits of organic, sustainable, and locally produced foods.  We care about serving food that makes you feel good, and food that we believe to be beneficial to your body.  We care about our employees, our community, and the preservation of our environment.  We care about a whole slew of things, but possibly most of all we care about serving the best damn bowls in the world, and providing our customers with a truly unforgettable experience.